Sponsorship Opportunities

The mission of Beads of Courage is to provide innovative arts-in-medicine programs to children and teens coping with cancer and other serious illnesses. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing programs in more than 240 children’s hospitals, we rely on the generosity of corporate and individual sponsors to support an array of programs for the benefit of the children, families, and clinicians we serve.

As a Beads of Courage Sponsor, you will enjoy a variety of benefits we provide, as well as an improved perception of your company as a brand that gives back and exposure to new clientele. A 2015 study found that 90 percent of U.S. consumers would switch brands to one associated with a cause


Home Bead Program
for Realtors, Home Builders and Mortgage Lenders 

  • $1500 for 100 Home Bead Kits – Sponsorship perks at this level include your logo and sponsor recognition on our website and social media 
  • $750 for 50 kits
  • $450 for 30 kits
  • $150 for 10 kits 

Honored Real Estate Friends: The home-buying process is a major milestone in anyone’s life. Beads of Courage wants to support you and provide your clients with a meaningful symbol of your gratitude for their business, combined with a community give-back on their behalf.

As a Home Bead Program Sponsor, you will receive a colorful package of Home Bead Kits that include a heartwarming pewter Home Bead, a card describing the bead, and a care note which can be personalized for your business. Home Bead Kits are $15 each, available in bundles of 10, with all proceeds benefiting Beads of Courage. 

Every Home Bead Kit you sponsor makes it possible for a child being treated for cancer or another serious illness to receive a matching Home Bead to commemorate an important milestone on their treatment journey: going home from the hospital – the place where they will always feel most cared for and loved.  

As you complete the paperwork process with your clients, you will be able to thank them with this symbolic bead representing their new home – the place they will always feel most cared for and loved. Gifting your clients with a tangible memento on closing day will serve to remind them of the excitement of that moment, bringing joy to their lives and potentially bringing you more business in the future.

Sponsor the Home Bead Program today!

Monthly Bonus Bead Program

  • $500 per month

“Bonus Bead” is a Beads of Courage encouragement program designed to keep our members – children coping with cancer and other serious illnesses – strong and encouraged in their fight for life. Each month’s Bonus Bead activity asks children to complete a simple yet creative activity with their beads to be eligible to receive a Bonus Bead. The beads typically celebrate a holiday or special event taking place that month, which can be a trying time for children in the hospital. 50 children receive the Bonus Bead each month.

Sponsorship Perks:

  • Recognition in Bonus Bead mailing
  • Recognition on Beads of Courage Facebook page (68,000 followers)
  • Logo and recognition on Beads of Courage website

Click here for the Bonus Bead Sponsor Interest Form

Wingman Program

  • $100 per sponsored child in US
  • $150 per sponsored child overseas

Help us deliver “Beads in the Mail” to children who cannot receive Beads of Courage at the hospital, either because their hospital does not offer the Beads of Courage Program or does not provide it for their medical condition. Currently more than 600 children are waiting for a Wingman like you to help them get their Beads of Courage. Each $100 sponsorship moves a child off the waiting list and enrolls them in Beads in the Mail, with priority given to the child who has been waiting the longest. 

Sponsorship Perks:

  • You receive a special Wingman Bead for each child you sponsor
  • The children you sponsor receive a matching Wingman Bead and a letter naming you as their sponsor (unless you wish to remain anonymous)

Be a Wingman! Sponsor a child today