Pet Partner

Pets make great companions to courage!

Beads of Courage is proud to partner with pet-loving organizations. Together, we can recruit more pets to be a source of encouragement for the children and teens coping with serious illness receiving Beads of Courage worldwide!

Through our Carry a Bead Program we recruit people and pets to encourage the children and teens we support coping with serious illness.

One bead can go a long way to encourage a child in a fight for life.

How the Beads of Courage CarryaBead Program Works:

  • Carry. Have your pet wear the matching beads during a walk, hike, swim, or whatever fun adventure you both enjoy.
  • Connect. Take pictures and even video of your pet proudly wearing their beads.
  • Connect: CAB to 520-366-3431 or email to share photos or event videos of your pet with us!

Once your pet Carry a Bead experience is complete, you will mail one of the two beads back to Beads of Courage. The bead you return packaged with your complete story card “written by your pet” will be given to a child or teen who receives Beads of Courage on a tough treatment day.

We will share photos and/or videos of your pet with our children and teens.

2021 Virtual Pet Parade!

NOTE: If your photos and/or videos are received on or before May 7th we will include your pet in our 1st annual Virtual Pet Parade that will livestream at 2:00 pm MST on May 8th on Facebook and You Tube.

Collect. Every time you CarryaBead you keep a bead. As your strand of support grows with each CarryaBead experience look back on it and smile knowing that you and your pet have made a difference in the life of a child. Thank you!

“At the Humane Society of Southern Arizona we know the tremendous value of the human-animal relationship. Pets offer us companionship and warmth when we need it most. We are proud supporters of the Beads of Courage Carry a Bead Pet Program and its compassionate effort to connect pets with youth.”  
– Steve Farley, CEO The Humane Society of Southern Arizona