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Healing Arts

Nothing works better than art to get worries out. 

Arts-in-Medicine Workshops 
Beads of Courage has 4 unique workshops. Our workshops are great ways for children coping with serious illness, their parents, siblings, and caregivers to express their thoughts and any worries they might have. All workshops are unique and provide for much needed reflective, artful creation time to celebrate and honor the individual. Each workshop involves the creation of a tangible art piece that reflects each individual's creativity, ideas, fears and courage.


1. Warrior Figures 
A 3-D story about your strengths. Each Warrior Figure becomes a reminder of bravery and strength when faced with challenges or painful procedures.


2. Honoring Boxes 
A way to remember, reflect and respond. There are many people in our lives that we honor: our ancestors, parents, friends and most importantly ourselves.


3. Dream Intention Flags 
Based on Tibetan Prayer Flags, when wind blows through the flags, blessings and prayers are delivered to everyone in the vicinity. The Flags give participants an opportunity to express fears, gratitude or happiness.


4. Strength Bracelets 
A wearable, tangible and visual reminder of the power we have inside of us to help us heal and be courageous. The bracelet will help individuals reflect and focus upon feelings of love, calmness and wellness.

If you are interested in a workshop please fill out our contact form http://www.beadsofcourage.org/contact.htm

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