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Our Carry a Bead™ Program

If you're already a Beads of Courage Member Click HERE to register your TEAM Bead.

First, and most importantly, thank you for considering joining TEAM Beads of Courage. Thank you also for the support you provide to our mission, and for having the courage to care for a child or teen coping with serious illness.

How to Participate
Step Two: After your kit arrives at your shipping address, open it up and you should find the following items inside:
—  A matched set of handmade TEAM Beads
—  A safety pin so that you can decide to pin, or wear your beads
—  A story card to share where the beads have traveled
—  A return address sticker
Step Three: Determine when and where you will Carry A Bead! This may be a run/walk, adventure race, special event, or even a trip around the world!
Step Four: Upon completion of your intentional Carry A Bead activity, please complete the provided Story Card.
Step Five: Then, it is time for another journey! Please return the Story Card along with one of the TEAM Beads to the Beads of Courage Headquarters in Tucson, Arizona... c/o "Carry a Bead," 3230 N. Dodge Blvd. Suite J, Tucson, AZ 85716.

You are welcome to include any other items (pictures, postcards, and memorabilia) with the bead if you would like. Once received by Beads of Courage, all TEAM Beads continue their journey to one of 60,000 children coping with a serious illness participating in the Beads of Courage Program internationally.

TEAM Beads of Courage Carry a Bead™ Members
Gavin DeGraw, Musician/Singer/Songwriter
Johnny Reid, Musician/Singer/Songwriter
Select Participants of the 2013 Run for Gus Chicago, IL
Select Members of the 2012 United States Olympic Team
Participants of the 2012 Beads on the Bay 5K San Diego, CA
Participants of the 2012 Beads in the Park 5K Bellevue, WA
Participants of the 2012 Beads on the Farm 5K Tucson, AZ
Select Participants of the 2012 El Tour de Tucson
Select Participants of the 2011 El Tour de Tucson
Select Participants of the 2012 Alaskan Idiatrod
Select Participants of the 2012 Run for Gus Chicago, IL
Select Participants of the 2012 Run for the Melon Vining, MN
Ken Love | Jean Baruch | Colin Smith | Bryan Reece | Geoffrey Moulton | Carol Saker | Kiersten Kern | Jennifer Waters | Stacie Eichinger | Stacie Cifranick | Sally Wright | Ashley Ethridge | Jacob Carter | April Tewksbury | Rachel Baker | Soley Belt | Andy Ethridge | Eric Smith | Mike Baruch | Dana Shelso | Jenni Mitchell | Suzanne Endres | Debora Sims | Jana Phillips | Winthrop Saville | Peggy Grimes | Lori Neptune | Trish Florence | Jennifer Massa | Rick Carroll | Michelle Chasteen | Susan Bertrand | Margaret Lawler | Madeleine Harrison | Andrew Hazle | Mindy Keeton | Amy Suzanne Peavy-Smith | Karyn Johnston | Melissa Goldfinger | Andrea Stuart | Angela Choberka | Bradley Rauh | Cassie Lynn Celestai | Eric Lea | Jane Hale | Janet Johnson | Jennifer Ondrus | John Setzer | Kevin Masiulis | Mark Garrett | Megan Setzer | Mikaron Fortier | Nancy Campbell | Nancy Higginson | Natasha Roberts | Nicole Love | Nora Michelle Jensen | Rachael Baker | Sally Wright | Sanae Yoshida | Stacey Rouse | Stacy Palen | Tammy Souza-Fairley
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Stacie Eichinger Walk 4 Courage
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