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Beads of Courage programs depend on donations of all kinds of handmade beads.Thank you for your donations!

Guideline for Glass Beads

  • Do not use reduction glass, frits, powders or enamels that leave a metallic surface on the beads.
  • Any size or shape is acceptable.
  • Preferred hole size is 3/32" and larger (1/16" holes are accepted).
  • The inside of the bead should be free of bead release.
  • No sharp corners, sharp edges on the bead holes, cracks or protrusions that would easily break off, including hearts with long, delicate tails.
  • Beads must be fully kiln annealed.
  • Please remember that these beads are worn and handled by children and should be sturdy enough to stand up to wear and tear.


How to Donate Beads

Mail donations to:

Beads of Courage
3230 N Dodge Blvd Suite J

Tucson, AZ 85716

 Print and fill out bead donation form and send with your beads. 

  • Please do not send or directly deliver your beads to member hospitals.All beads must be inspected, logged and packaged at Beads of Courage headquarters.
  • Print and fill out bead donation form and send with your beads. (link to pdf form)
  • Your beads are important to us.Please be sure to package securely!


How Glass Art Beads are Used

Act of Courage Beads

Handmade glass beads are used as Act of Courage beads.Children choose from this selection to acknowledge special milestones, a particularly rough time or for instances not on the regular bead guide.

Heart Beads

Red Heart beads are used in our cardiac program.

Direct questions to Robert Simmons, Director of Bead Donations rsimmons@beadsofcourage.org

Beads of Courage is a 501(c)3 :: Tax ID #20-2721500
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