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Bead Donations

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Give Through Creativity

Beads of Courage depends upon donations of beads to help us maintain each of our Programs. We greatly appreciate your support through donations. All donating artists are provided a receipt of donation for tax-related purposes. We currently seek the following beads:

Bead Donation Specifics

Because Beads of Courage works directly with our member hospitals and has received approval to provide our Programs as clinical supportive interventions it is critical that we prepare and package all bead donations before sending them out to children in treatment. 

Please do not send your beads to our member hospitals. We appreciate if you would include a page with your donation that includes your name, address and the total number of beads donated. 

Please mail donations to:
Beads of Courage
10501 E. Seven Generations Way
Suite 161
Tucson, AZ 85747
Print and fill out bead donation form and send with your beads. 

What happens to my donated beads?
When your beads arrive at the Beads of Courage, Inc. headquarters they are:
  1. counted (if not pre-counted, we do appreciate when artists pre-count the total number donated).
  2. separated based on size (all sizes welcomed!)
    • smaller beads are considered Act of Courage Beads
    • Larger focal beads are used for Bone Marrow Transplant and Cardiac Member's Choice (for children who have heart transplant and/or cardiac surgery)
  3. Each bead is then individually packaged in a small, clear ziploc bag with the appropriate insert.
    • All beads must be individually packaged for distribution and use in the clinical setting
  4. Beads are then sent to any one of our member hospitals based on need.
    • All member hospitals place regular bead refill orders with Beads of Courage based on their bead needs.


Feel free to contact our Director of Bead Donations for questions related to beads. 
Robert Simmons

Beads of Courage is a 501(c)3 :: Tax ID #20-2721500
3230 N. Dodge Blvd., Suite J, Tucson, AZ 85716 :: 2004 - 2015 Copyright Beads of Courage, Inc.