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About the Beads We Use

The Beads of Courage® Program depends upon a few different types of beads.
Program Beads

Program Beads are commercially manufactured due to the quantity involved. These beads are the ones you may have seen on bead guides that correspond to specific events in a child's treatment journey.

Act of Courage Beads

Act of Courage Beads are artist-made glass beads given to acknowledge extraordinary courage at treatment-defining moments. Glass bead artists donate tens of thousands of handcrafted glass beads annually so children can continue to receive one-of-a-kind beads for significant treatment milestones. These beads truly bring the arts to our Arts-in-Medicine mission.

Polymer Clay Beads

Polymer Clay Beads are used in as Member's Choice beads in the Beads of Courage Program to commemorate hospital discharge.

Other Manufactured Beads

Other Manufactured Beads are used in many of our fundraising activities and workshops. We welcome your donation of miscellaneous beads, they all find a perfect home to further the mission of Beads of Courage, Inc.

Given the length of time people have been fascinated with beads (over 43,000 years!), as well as their usefulness for counting, adorning and symbolizing importance, they're just right for recognizing and recording your courage as you travel this journey.

How to Donate Beads

Print and fill out this Bead Donation Form and then mail it to us with the beads you would like to donate.

Mail To:

Beads of Courage, Inc.
Attn: Bead Donations
3230 N. Dodge Blvd. Suite J
Tucson, AZ 85716

Important Note: Bead Delivery to Hospitals

None of our member hospitals are set up for direct donation. All beads distributed in our programs are our responsibility, we need to see every Act of Courage bead before it goes out.

Bead Requirements

Click below to download our bead requirements for glass and polymer clay beads. Thank you for your interest in serving the mission of Beads of Courage. Your support helps make healing happen!

Guidelines for Glass Beads:

Printable Guidelines for Glass Beadmakers

Guidelines for Polymer Clay Beads:

Karen Thomas Designs Beadraiser for Beads of Courage Donation Form

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